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1) Create Your Campaign With Us – We have a discovery call to learn more about your goals, company, and market. We then set our key performance indicators, and the structure of the campaign – pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, etc. We create pre-indicators of quality and how we’ll measure it. We also give you background on what your competitors have been doing “behind the scenes”, and how we can make best use of that intelligence.

2) Select Your Channels – We have publishers representing nearly every type of web traffic you can imagine, and some you haven’t. We provide consulting on the best types of traffic to reach your goals, and how we can manage those channels most-effectively.

3) Recruitment – We reach out to our trusted network of private web publishers to recruit them to test your campaign. We only work with large, and proven partners, so you are dealing in “known quantities”. We will also help on-board and setup any publishers you wish to bring into the network. You only have expert-level affiliate/Internet marketing representatives here, so your publishers will have the knowledge and professionalism they need to maximize their results for you.

4) Receive New Customers – Products shipping out the door… qualified leads for your sales team… this is when you start seeing the fruits of your labors.

5) Optimizing Your Campaign – We take a 360-degree approach to improve your incoming traffic based on your internal metrics, and tighten the conversion funnel on your end. It is completely normal to see 100%+ ROI increases during this phase.

6) Scale – Once we have optimized the key components of your system, we continually add new publishers to your program, and guide you through additional projects to massively scale your results.

Interested in learning more about how we can start boosting your sales with pay-for-performance, quality lead generation? Contact us today, and let’s talk.